As the first dedicated Android Developer at Mira, your primary responsibility will be to build scalable, production-ready code for our augmented reality application. You will implement and maintain Android native code to enable communication between our Unity app, external hardware, and other native frameworks.


  • Architect, implement, and maintain plugins that efficiently transfer time-sensitive data between Android native and our Unity application for high performance on resource-constrained hardware
  • Architect and implement communication protocols and abstraction layers between internal hardware and external peripherals
  • Evaluate and optimize performance metrics for CPU, GPU, memory, and battery life across multiple devices
  • Understand our iOS Objective-C implementations, port the functionality to Android, and work collaboratively with our iOS developers to maintain a shared, cross-platform C# interface for the Unity Engine
  • Implement and maintain a ReST client to communicate with our API
  • Ensure code stability by implementing testing systems, consistent versioning, and release processes
  • Stay up to date with the latest Android industry trends concerning OS, devices, applications, web technologies, and new user interactions as they are released
  • Optimize codebase to maintain optimal runtime experiences across a myriad of mobile devices
  • Work collaboratively with our Director of Software, team of Unity engineers, iOS engineer, and Fullstack team to ensure a cohesive product experience

Required Qualifications:

  • 3+ years of experience in Android development
  • Proficiency with Java, C, and the Android SDK
  • Extensive knowledge of Android design patterns, architecture, and open source ecosystem
  • Hands-on experience implementing continuous delivery and testing systems
  • A disciplined approach to development, testing, documentation, and code structure in a team environment
  • Skills in performance optimization including profiling, background processing, threading, caching, and graphics optimization
  • Familiarity with JSON concepts and data structures
  • Experience interfacing with ReST APIs
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Ability to work in a dynamic, fast moving and growing environment

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Experience with Android NDK
  • Proficiency with C++ and C# programming
  • Experience with Unity
  • Experience with OpenGL ES
  • Familiarity with math for 3D development; proficient solving problems using vector and quaternion operations. Ability to research and implement algorithms through performant code
  • Excitement for experimenting with and applying new technologies like Kotlin, Fuchsia, Buck

Bonus Qualifications:

  • Undergraduate degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering, or other relevant areas
  • Experience with WebRTC
  • Knowledge of Objective-C and Swift
  • Prior experience in Augmented or Virtual Reality
  • Machine Learning (ML) experience