Mira’s industry-leading industrial solutions are powered by the Prism Pro, the first and only smartphone-powered augmented reality headset that excels in both its functionality and simplicity. As a Hardware Test Engineer at Mira, you will be tasked with designing and executing test systems to ensure intended functionality and robustness of the hardware’s electrical system. You will work closely with the engineering and production teams to validate PCBs, sensors, firmware, and overall system integration.

You Are:

  • Experienced with prototyping and have a love for hacking electronics systems
  • Passionate about troubleshooting and problem-solving
  • A team player excited to work together with hardware engineers
  • An incredible communicator, both written and verbal, and familiar with writing test plans


  • Develop test and integration solutions for PCBs, hardware, and systems
  • Develop setups for testing sensors, thermals, and other aspects of AR hardware
  • Write automation testing software scripts to interact with and instrument hardware under test
  • Troubleshoot hardware issues and develop continuous improvements to mitigate future problems
  • Work closely with design engineers to provide feedback to increase reliability and drive framework improvements for hardware


  • BS in Electrical/Electronic Engineering or equivalent
  • 2+ years of experience in hardware testing and validation of components, subsystems and systems
  • Experience with oscilloscopes, digital multimeters, soldering, and general test and lab equipment
  • Experience with building and/or working with prototype hardware (Raspberry Pi, Arduino, etc) and test fixtures
  • Experience writing scripting languages and object oriented languages, such as C/C++, Python, Perl
  • Excellent in documenting technical information, attention to detail, and communication skills