We’re looking for a hands-on Software Product Manager to lead the product discovery and development lifecycle of Mira’s market-leading remote collaboration solution targeted at the industrial workforce. Our solution consists of the desktop-based web portal, hands-free smartphone-powered 3D app that runs inside our AR headset, as well as potential future 2D apps that could run on mobile and tablets.

The decisions the SW PM makes directly impact how our customers experience our product and the value they get out of it each and every day. You will be communicating directly with customers and end-users, making hands-on data-driven decisions, and collaborating with internal and external development teams to execute our roadmap. Your decisions will factor in short-term strategy while driving towards our long-term business goals.

We win by conducting user-centric product discovery, outcome-oriented problem solving, and implementing creative low-cost solutions that deliver value for our users. Familiarity working with agile methodologies, Jobs To Be Done, and OKRs are critical to succeeding at MIra. You’ll work on a high-impact team including our Hardware Product Manager, our UI/UX designer, and our co-founding CPO.

This role is based in Los Angeles with a flexible in-office schedule and reports directly to the CPO.


  • Manage the product strategy for Mira's core software offering which spans web and mobile apps.
  • Help build a culture of scalable product management practices that grow with the team
  • Engage with customers to align our roadmaps, milestones, perform solution consulting, capture product feedback, and communicate customer empathy within the company
  • Host status meetings, run workshops, and participate in company-wide quarterly business reviews
  • Work with the design and engineering team to develop the product, managing software release planning, and deliver business and team level key results
  • Utilization of our product and user analytics to make data-driven decisions
  • Thorough technical documentation that enables others to take action
  • Leading by influence and empowering others

Need to Have

  • 5+ years of relevant industry experience with a relevant Bachelor’s degree
  • 3+ years experience working in the industrial manufacturing industry
  • ​​Proven experience overseeing all elements of the product, product discovery, and development lifecycle
  • Experience running software release planning with an agile engineering team
  • Experience positioning SAAS product offerings to meet quarterly+annual KRs
  • Referencable experience understanding market movement and product positioning
  • Strong demonstrated background of written and verbal communication
  • Working directly with engineering to ensure projects are on schedule and sufficiently defined
  • Ability to deeply understand product architecture and long term release planning to maintain consistent user experience while adding new value over time
  • Resource planning and ensuring objectives and key results are being delivered on time and on or under budget
  • Experience running user research and testing